A place to grow, play, and learn through hands-on, inquiry-based science. 

Brooklyn Preschool of Science is a place where a child’s sense of wonder is the star of the show. Our integrated science-based curriculum embraces children’s innate curiosity, and provides a foundation for meaningful math, language, and literacy development. We believe in the lifelong benefits of early experiences with STEM, and we believe in fostering a joyous love of learning. At Brooklyn Preschool of Science, we handle insects, build simple machines, and excavate for fossils. We ask questions about the world around us. We observe, predict, experiment, and measure. We love it when kids ask Why.

Why Science?

  • Why is the sky blue? Why do flowers need water? Children ask questions endlessly. Science taps into their deep need to learn about how the world works.
  • Science connects easily to math, language, artistic expression, and social studies. It’s the perfect core for an integrated curriculum.
  • Open-ended science activities engage children at a wide range of developmental levels. They also let teachers observe and respond to children’s individual strengths and needs.
  • Positive early experiences with STEM subjects have been shown to contribute to future success in school and life. 

We love biodiversity!

Both school locations feature a giant living wall and a 300-gallon fish tank. We have blue tongue skinks, crested geckos, bearded dragons, gerbils, hamsters, giant millipedes, stick bugs, and Madagascar roaches in the classrooms. We incorporate this sampling of the vastness of the natural world into several months of our “Living Things in the Neighborhood” units of study. We ask questions and make comparisons. We teach kids to observe and celebrate the world’s living things.